iOS App Now Available!


A common request is to allow access via a dedicated app for mobile/tablet users.  Community member Steve Kuo has developed one.  The app is compatible with any VRS source, however the default source is ADSBexchange.

It’s a very handy way to view local traffic from ADSBexchange or any VRS server.

Please note: Although it’s an excellent app, ADSBexchange assumes no responsibility for it’s contents or function.  It is developed and maintained independently.  ADSBexchange receives no revenue from the app purchase. If you find the service handy and wish to support our mission, please consider a small recurring contribution at:


4 thoughts on “iOS App Now Available!”

  1. Why is it that since you changed maps there is no aircraft being shown on map . Can you help, no problem withe previous set up IDO understand the problem with google

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